Monday, September 23, 2013

Install RabbitVCS Svn, Git Client On Ubuntu 12.10/12.04/11.10/11.04


There are some cool interfaces for subversion control for windows however when it comes to desktop linux distros, you find very few that can match their windows counterpart like TortoiseSVN. RabbitVCS is one such client that comes with all the bells and whistles. Here is a post about installing it.

First install some prerequisites.
$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install python-nautilus python-configobj python-gtk2 python-glade2 python-svn python-dbus python-dulwich subversion meld gconf-editor

Download the tarball, untar it and run the setup script
$ wget

$ tar jxvf rabbitvcs-0.15.2.tar.bz2

$ cd rabbitvcs-0.15.2/

$ sudo python install --install-layout=deb

Still inside the rabbitvcs-0.15.2 directory, cd to the nautilus-3.0 under the clients directory and copy the to the extensions dir

$ cd clients/nautilus-3.0
$ sudo cp /usr/share/nautilus-python/extensions/

Logout and log back in. Now create a folder and right click on it to see the RabbitVCS menu, perform a checkout.


Fix Error: Bomb icon
The bomb emblem means that there is some sort of error in the status checker.  It is possible that error messages will show up in ~/.config/rabbitvcs/RabbitVCS.log but I'm not sure it will for your problem.  I'm not sure what would cause your status checker to be getting errors but it could be that your svn or git dependencies are not correctly installed, or installed in a way that doesn't work with RabbitVCS.  Are the bomb emblems showing up in git repositories or svn repositories or both?

One thing that might help is restarting the status checker.  You can do this by killing the process.  Run "ps aux | grep rabbitvcs" and kill the process that says  Once you do that, restart nautilus and see what happens.

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